The Alert Zone Adds More Products and Ramps Up Business For The Holidays

The Alert Zone Screen Shot Nov 12



As one of the Coleman Ventures, LLC family, The Alert Zone has begun ramping up products on their website and has even received information to become an SOG dealer. This looks promising and will definitely be a place to go for your Safety, Survival and Protective needs this holiday season. Check out The Alert Zone for your holiday list and make sure to leave a comment below of what products you’d like to see from The Alert Zone.

New Animation Released by Extreme Measures Creative to Promote

This piece was released by Extreme Measures Creative to help promote the new website being developed by Yurrow at The animation uses 3 scenarios to illustrate the uses of the site and it’s benefits. The piece was produced and animated by Jason R. Coleman. The art was provided by Charlie Wetherington. If you would like more info about this project or if you are in need of creative for your next creative advertising or marketing project. Please contact Extreme Measures Creative at

Extreme Measures Creative Publishes A Basic WordPress Post Tutorial

Extreme Measures Creative recently published a WordPress Tutorial foro those who need to get started posting. It’s intended for the basic user and will help you get posting for yourself or your business today. Now Has All Your 2012 Gear In Stock Now! Come Check Out the Latest from Your Favorite

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New research from Google about moms and search engines

Check out this video about moms and search engines. From my perspective, my wife tends to use Google very efficiently. It’s available to her now most readily on her blackberry and helps her find what she needs even on the road.



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