New Product to be made available from The Alert Zone


New Product Launch From The Alert Zone

fire500 Units of The Alert Zone’s new product will ship from the warehouse to my office in Nashville, TN. Once a QA check has been completed, the products will be forwarded to Amazon to begin sales immediately. This outdoor, survival, prepper and camping product is also a multi tool and has several uses for the avid outdoorsman.

If you would like to be put on the 50% discount list when I launch this product that is great for campers, preppers, survivalists and outdoorsmen of all types, then make sure to sign up here >>> Sign up sheet for discounted product.

More news to come as the launch gets into full swing.



Economic Freedom Index – The United States Drops From Top Ten

Economic freedom index placeEconomic Freedom Index Drops The United States To No. 12

Programs like Obama Care likely to blame

The following article from The Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal indicates that loses in freedoms like property rights, fiscal freedom, and business freedom have been reduced to the point of dropping our index placing. On top of that Senator Rand Paul spoke jokingly about “keeping your freedom.” Why is economic freedom important to you? I think that this drop is actually awful and shows the loss of freedom we have experienced at the hands of socialist politicians. Follow this link for more information:

Copy Machine Danger

CBS Copy Machine Investigation
After watching this video, I think most of you will never look at a copy machine the same again. It scares me to think what information has been lost or stolen due to this huge oversight in daily business process. Now I will be asking if the local FedEx Office copy machine has an erase feature, what about your own office, what about your spouses office. Do you work in a sensitive environment? Take it upon yourself to follow up with your company to make sure they are secure and don’t hesitate. This could be a huge company liability and lead to law suits.

The Alert Zone Adds More Products and Ramps Up Business For The Holidays

The Alert Zone Screen Shot Nov 12



As one of the Coleman Ventures, LLC family, The Alert Zone has begun ramping up products on their website and has even received information to become an SOG dealer. This looks promising and will definitely be a place to go for your Safety, Survival and Protective needs this holiday season. Check out The Alert Zone for your holiday list and make sure to leave a comment below of what products you’d like to see from The Alert Zone.

Jason Coleman releases first bass fishing video

In this first episode of Fishing with Jason, I talk about tackle organization and rusty jigs. If you have a great tip on tackle organization or preparing to get on the water, please leave a comment below.

Cabela’s Fishing Sale : Save Up To 70%

New Animation Released by Extreme Measures Creative to Promote

This piece was released by Extreme Measures Creative to help promote the new website being developed by Yurrow at The animation uses 3 scenarios to illustrate the uses of the site and it’s benefits. The piece was produced and animated by Jason R. Coleman. The art was provided by Charlie Wetherington. If you would like more info about this project or if you are in need of creative for your next creative advertising or marketing project. Please contact Extreme Measures Creative at